We believe in installing a complete roofing system at Valor Systems. A high performance system includes more than just shingles.

The system includes components such as decking, ventilation products, hip & ridge products, synthetic underlayment and even the final touches we put on the home by painting roof accessories for aesthetics. Our company is highly skilled and trained to ensure our clients receive the best final product possible. We have an employed project manager that oversees each job to make sure your job is complete and satisfactory. Replacing your home's roofing system is an incredibly important decision.

Your roofing surface makes up quite a bit of visible appearance of your home. It should complement your home's style and exterior color scheme. Picking out new shingles is the perfect opportunity to increase the curb appeal of your home. 


Siding is a wonderful choice for homeowners looking to reduce maintenance while increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. Its ability to resist rot, lower energy costs, withstand the most severe weather conditions and increase resale value are perks to using siding. We install an array of different types of siding based on the homeowner’s needs.


Gutters and downspouts play a crucial role in the overall maintenance of a household home or business location. A primary function of gutters is to catch rain from the roof and drain it away from the foundation. Without gutters, pools form, yards erode, foundations become moist and thousands of dollars in damage can result. Well-installed and efficient gutters attempt to stay subtle, unnoticed yet are a functional structure from both an aesthetic as well as a maintenance perspective.

Gutters and downspouts come in several shapes, materials and even colors. Gutters can be seamless, sectional or come with or without leaf guards. Properly maintained gutters add to the worth and curb appeal of a property and keep your property from having future damage. The installation of properly done gutters and downspouts is a property investment that is worth taking